The Night Shift

I had to come to Albuquerque for cancer treatment and “Pizza 9″ seemed the best selection, since I am always in pain and tired when arriving, not wanting to go out anymore. My partner is from Chicago, so seeing that your Pizza Parlor was “Chicago Style” set the stage.

When I called, I spoke with Josh, he was very kind and patient, since we didn’t have a “menu” to go by, but I was on a strict diet prior to my procedure. Regardless, he was patient, went over all the pricing and options and when I had to hang up in the middle of the order to take a call from the Doctor, when I called back it was like I never hung up. The Night Manager, Marshall answered the phone, knew what was going on with such a complex order (two separate, as my partner could have a pizza!), but regardless was kind and gave the phone to Josh, we quickly finished the order, priced right and well understood.

When the delivery man came, Leon, he was just as kind and friendly. We gave him a tip, although small, only $2.00, but we are not rich people.

You are very lucky that your Night Shift work so well together, take the time necessary with their patrons, and do their job beyond the “necessity” of the duty. I called back to thank them as the salad I ordered was absolutely delicious and the pizza too, according to my partner. I am writing this to tell you – it is hard to get 3,4, or even 5 people who can work well together in the public eye and you have managed to put them together very well. I applaud these people and they genuinely care about their work! They deserve a raise, or a bonus, or whatever for their efforts on your behalf.


Dori Smith
Ramah, NM


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